Tuesday, December 07, 2010

zombies ate my dreams

according to my dream last night...

video games of the future interact directly with your brain.  you are sedated, then enter the game world and experience sensations as though they are real (think Inception).  at the end of the game you wake up physically unchanged.

a group of friends wanted to play a zombie game.  we fell asleep and entered the game arena - in this scenario, a large house on top of a hill.  zombie hordes were at the base of the hill, a lumbering mass of rotten flesh extending to the horizon in all directions.

my teammates were well-armed, bristling with assault rifles and pistols.  i was only armed with a book of magic spells.  that might have been alright, except the spells were written in a foreign language.

i'm hiding behind the tank, grimacing at a book filled with gibberish  

i hid behind teammates, retreating as they were inevitably overrun.  finally i was alone, trapped in a bathroom near the center of the house.  zombies were breaking through the door.  my mounting anxiety about being eaten to death eventually woke me all the way up.

meh.  i hate nightmares.  i chalk this one up to a combination of Inception, 28 Days Later, Walking Dead, and COD: Black Ops Zombies.


Mr Bouchard said...

My nightmares are so fucked up. Every time I wake up I just don't know how I got to think about all these things together! Hahaha

IQuotes said...

I wish my dreams were so damn adventurous.

I wonder if it has to do with eating stuff before bed..

reading. writing. revolution. said...

Half to say that that sounded pretty cool, but I'm a writer, so that's how I roll. haha