Wednesday, December 15, 2010

twilight of the gods

comments on the previous post made it clear there are only two contenders.

who is your god?

the flying spaghetti monster


thor  (representing all norse gods)

does your god demand martial excellence or high carbohydrate intake?

is your afterlife a never-ending violent drinking party, or a warm eternal embrace by sticky noodles of love?

hammer of thunder or meatballs of reason?

voice your opinion below.  cast your vote in the poll on the right.

voting ends noon tomorrow.


t tompson said...

definitely going to have to say, the flying spaghetti monster

Mr Bouchard said...

No doubt, the almighty Thor would win! It would be an epic battle as the hammer hits wouldn't hits wouldn't be that effective.

Suci├┤ Sanchez said...

Gnocchi > Loki.

Natalia said...

I love pasta! ;)

MRanthrope said...

Thor has been my favorite comic book hero since I was like 12....THOR ALL DAY EVERYDAY BABY. did I actually type the word "baby?" Yeah, guess so. Shows how much I support Thor.

Smile said...

hammer of thunder forever!

tigey said...

Come on, you really think Thor would have problems against that thing ?

NooG said...

God is Dog backwards... cool story bro... THOR

paintchip said...

Tough choice. I just follow the word of raptor Jesus

Peacock said...

The flying spaghetti monster could just take the form of Thor or even greater entity. The flying spaghetti monster lives, dies, exists, and does not. It's perpetual greatness allows us even the treasures of knowing the great Thor. All hail the flying spaghetti monster, for his tentacles of love can also be ropes of rape. Tender, slow rape.

Hiphop Rising said...

this sounds about crazy