Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Odin, ruler of Asgard

Norse Mythology

Lord Apollo, Far-Shooter

you know who

Greek Mythology

Christian Mythology

the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Atheist Satire

the only meaningful difference between these gods is popularity.

of course you are expected to treat your culture's most popular mythologies with sensitivity and respect.  and don't call them mythologies.

our ancestors probably didn't view their religions as future mythologies either.


SuciƓ Sanchez said...

I tend to judge religions by the quality of the cultural artifacts they inspire. I love Haydn's "Die Slurpfung" and Milton's "PaellaRice Lost". So:


tigey said...

OMG Flying Spaghetti Monster will eat us all !

runewake2 said...

It's called Mythology because it is a Myth, it doesn't exist. Humans however do not possess the ability to not follow a god or belief. Even Athiests follow a belief, a belief in no god, while this seems... wierd it is true.

Humans are bound to religion/mythology and cannot seperate themselves.

Mr Bouchard said...

Well, Jesus ain't a god so I've got to disagree but the idea was quite good indeed!

stm said...

@ Sucio, thank you for the laugh!

@ tigey, not as long as we respect pirates...

@ runewake2, imagine a culture where most people do not believe in unicorns.

would you then say they followed the belief that there are no unicorns, and that humans are inseparably bound to tales of unicorns?

@ Mr. Bouchard, the trinity always was a confusing concept for me... thanks for the comment!

The Champ said...

Norse Mythology is actually interesting to read about. Instead of "heaven", they had a hall where you would feast and battle for all eternity. Pretty legit, brah.

paintchip said...

I think we need to help more people understand that the flying Spaghetti monster is not a myth. He is very real and those who do not accept him are doomed to an eternity of suffering.

Natalia said...

I agree with paintchip.

MRanthrope said...

my money is on Odin.

NooG said...

How dare you call the great Spaghetti Monster satire?? You will feel his wrath...

mind said...

odin is the best

Come At Me Bro said...

I like the Jesus part!

Major.Mack said...

All hail the Spaghetti Monster!

hot girl said...

Beautiful Picture,
Nice Post.

MArk said...

Maybe flyingspaghettimonster is why everyone always asks for sauce?
Myth = reality