Friday, December 17, 2010

video game graffiti

some video games make you feel like you're a rat running mazes in search of bland food pellets.  ignore that reward.  look instead for ways to graffiti the maze walls.

for example,

in HALO disregard online competitors and interact with the scenery.  listen to the in-game radios, watch the TVs, shoot distant birds.

"think i can hit that bird from here?"

or maybe it's single player, like this baseball game for the original NES.  the crowd cheers in anticipation when the player is about to pitch.

*cheer*  *cheer*

at this point turn off the TV and go to bed.  in the morning, turn on the TV and see this:

*cheer*  *cheer*

the crowd cheered 8 hours waiting for that pitch.  knowing this will start your day off right.

"whatcha aiming at bro?"

in multiplayer mode of COD: Black Ops, approach teammates and dominate their field of vision with your face.  or jump in place at choke points to make game flow more interesting.

have fun!


Peacock said...

Hahaha eight hours. If you fall asleep to that sound as white noise I bet you'd have some happy dreams lol

paintchip said...


Smile said...

not sure about that peacock, you could get some great nightmares too

Bargain Hunter said...

Haha I remember back in the days of CS when people used to annoying!

Devon Davidson said...

I'm pretty sure you can grief like that in Team Fortress 2 as well. :P

runewake2 said...

These are great ideas! I will have to do this at my next LAN.

Suciô Sanchez said...

I love open world games where you can just do your own thing - like melon glitches in Oblivion.

MRanthrope said...

the NES anticipation was be EPIC