Thursday, December 23, 2010

welcome to walmart

walmart usually has what i need, at a low price.

but they do everything else wrong.

to enter or exit the store you shouldn't have to pass motion-activated human robots and endure:

         "welcome to walmart"
"thank you for shopping at walmart"

every time.

Q: "why are these clearance items marked up?"
 A: "welcome to walmart"

beyond the greeters, many wal-mart employees still stick to a stilted script.  conversations are a variation on the following:

[at checkout]
customer:  "hey, how's it going.  any big holiday plans?"
employee:  "welcome to walmart"

and the other shoppers.  maybe lower prices attract a different class of shopper.  you've probably seen this website celebrating those people.  at other stores you are less likely to encounter:

welcome to walmart

that hair

as attractive as wearing an adult diaper over sweatpants

save money.  live better.


Anonymous said...

Walmart is absolutely terrible. "motion-activated human robots" made me loooool

Billy said...

don't be hatin' on that hair. it takes a lot of work to get it so silky smooth.

Primitive said...

walmart, hmm interesting

Max said...

Walmart is the closest thing to hell on earth I can think of.

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

Check out People of Walmart

NooG said...

Wal-mart... because they act like walls... get it?

runewake2 said...

Is it a coincidence that a majority of planned terror attacks have been on cities with Walmarts?

Maybe the terrorists are on our side?

poorfags said...

The cheap stuff makes it all worth it.

tigey said...

Who cares about to human robots when everything is cheap ? i hate asking for help in stores anyway

Anonymous said...

Hey, we have to say something to the customer.