Monday, December 13, 2010

merry christmas?

last christmas i mailed a blanket to a deployed friend.  someone recently broke into her car and stole that blanket and a few other things.

she sent me this christmas card:

this holiday season brought to you by hallmark


glad her life is great and she's never been happier, despite the intense disgust and disillusionment she feels towards others.

happy holidays!


Natalia said...

She always did know the right things to say on her cards..... ;)

NooG said...

what kind of low-life steals a blanket... yes, i still use the word low-life...

Mr Bouchard said...


Well, maybe this guy was homeless and needed something to keep it warm. Yet, it's still kind of stupid! What she wrote was kind of funny but whatever!

Suci├┤ Sanchez said...

Crappy thing to do. Knit her a new one.

Smile said...

She has to consider the fact the person who stole a blanket need it more than she did.

I know it's not a pleasant thought to have some1 break in to your car but she's gotta accept it and move on

Anonymous said...

Awww... that is pretty shitty tho that her blankie was stolen. Not nice.

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paintchip said...