Tuesday, November 30, 2010

good times, great oldies


imagine our culture is continuous for another 1,000 years.  what will Oldies radio stations play?

there are a few obvious ways it might go down.

1.  lump music based on release date.

"you're listening to WKZ, playing the best of the 20th-23rd centuries!"

2.  cheap digital storage and the internet will preserve all present and future music forever.  all genres/artists/songs will be instantly available on demand.

3.  define Oldies in relation to the target audience, with stations updating playlists as their demographic dies.  

if that's the case, people may only have a vague awareness of artists and chronology from past centuries.

"20th century...that was mozart, right?"  
"no, the beatles."  
"oh, that's right, the beatles."

also, movies.  will citizen kane and lawrence of arabia be among the best movies of all time in 1,000 years?  i doubt movies will even be experienced the same way.  maybe future technology will make movies more immersive, or interactive.  the 20th century movie experience might appear as quaint to our descendants as a living room gramophone appears to us.


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