Wednesday, January 05, 2011

craigslist: bargains not bawwws

people often use sob stories for bargaining leverage on craigslist.  ("what do you mean you want $50 off?  my mother just died.")  i've never seen someone take it as far as this guy.

below is a recent series of posts from my local craigslist electronics page.  pay special attention to the last two posts, in which he shares responses he's received.

42" Sanyo HDTV - $500

Date: 2010-12-30, 8:49PM EST

I have 7 days to pay my rent and I have lost my job.  All i have that is worth anything is my Sanyo HDTV.  It is 42 inches.  I need 500 bucks to keep a roof over my head.  I'll throw in a Xbox360 console (no hook-ups or controllers) for free to sweeten the pot!!!!!  Someone PLEASE help me out!!!!!!!!!!  I can meet you to pick it up.


42 inch HDTV - $400

Date: 2010-01-02, 11:43AM EST

I offered this HDTV for $500 dollars the other day but now the price is dropped.  $400 for it and a XBOX360 Console!!!!!!!!

I have 5 days left to pay my rent or me, my wife and our 3 pets are out on our asses in the cold.  Someone PLEASE come buy this TV.  It is a Sanyo 42 inch 720p HDTV.  It comes with a remote and I will even give away my old Xbox360 console with it.  I can't give out any cords to the 360 cause my dog chewed thru the cords and I sold the 1 controller I had.  I am begging for you to help us.  Please come buy this TV or you will see me begging for your change at a highway intersection by next Friday. I am not the best looking guy so not only will you be annoyed by me begging but your eyes will hurt from looking at me.

This is a VERY VERY serious ad.  I am not bullshitting about my situation so PLEASE contact me.  The TV works GREAT and the Xbox360 works (no RROD) you just need to buy cords for it.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!  Don't let me and my tiny family go is not a good look for us.


42" HDTV (1 more time) - $375

Date: 2011-01-02, 5:38PM EST

I been trying to keep a roof over my families head this month by selling our 42 inch HDTV.  Most people have responded by letting me know that they really care and would like to take the tv for free so we don't have to throw it out.  Thanks goes out to those that REALLY care.......your offers helped me see how much we as humans care for each other.

This is the last day I can post an ad cause after today my wife is leaving to move to Pierce County.  I will be living in a patch of woods near City Memorial Park.

This is my last plee for someones help.  I can take $375 cash today.  This will provide me with money to buy food while I am homeless until I can find somewhere to live.

RE: 42 inch HDTV

Date 2011-01-02, 8:20PM EST

I would like to thank all the people who have sent me responses like.........

"LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!"  -  This one came from Chris Epps.  Thanks Chris!!!  I'm glad you find my situation so funny.

"Hope you like living in the woods while your wife is sucking (N-word) D*cks in Pierce Country!!"  -  That beauty was from Bradley.  Brad, you are one special guy!!  Thanks.

You are the very people who make our beautiful word go around.  Everyone be sure to stop by and pelt me with rocks when I have no where to live.  Thanks again.

at least he doesn't have to lug around a 42" sanyo hdtv



Smile said...

Telling the world about your problem is ok by me but when you're just doing it to facilitate the trade is unacceptable

Mister Sharaf said...


Mister Sharaf said...


tomi991 said...

hahaha, the picture and the comment made my day :D i had to carry huge tv myself recently so.. xd

Rawr said...

nice post XD

Kris159 said...

Not really sure what to say about's weird...

Suciô Sanchez said...

I'm with Brad.

Theta^2 said...

I hate when people throw in these sob stories to make people buy their stuff. What sucks the most is that half of the time most of the people lie about this kind of stuff.

Les said...

Playing the 'sob story' card doesn't always work. Plus, people are bastards online.

Mr Bouchard said...

Hahaha, I personaly like these stories! They keep entertaining me.

erics said...

haha that's great. brad is a legend.

tigey said...

Hehe, poor guy

Justsayin' said...

Some people are just shitty.

MRanthrope said...

he might have had better luck selling a SONY or SAMSUNG.

Wesh said...

that's sooo craigslist man

really funny read.

following you now btw :)
if you feel like giving my blog a click...

The Viking said...

People should be just a little nice to eachother :)

RP said...

"what do you mean you want $50 off? my mother just died."

This is the best line I have seen till date.. Hope the guy got the price he was asking for :)